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Mar 19, 2013 1:00am PDT
. >> we're talking about the guest list here ranging from everyone from vice president joe biden to bartholomew i, also some of the controversial guests including robin mugabi. >> yeah, that's right. this is a crowd in which dictators and democrats will rub shoulders. the vatican's line on this was y'all come. anybody who wants to be here is welcome. with regard to patriarch bartholomew, we should say when pope benedict celebrated a mass marking the anniversary of the second vatican in the fall, both pay the try a bartholomew and the bishop of canter berry were with him. interestingly, the new archbishop of canterberry is going to be inaugurated on thursday, two days hence. it's the first times that the leaders of two such historically christian confessions have sort of taken office at roughly the same time. certainly this drive to sort of put-back together the divided christian family is so important to john paul ii and benedict xvi. that will be a hallmark of the papacy. >> all wounds around the world are healed though, the patriarch of the russian orthodox church is not coming. h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1